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    There are probably more forms of Mary than any other name, so you really have a lot more to choose from than I think you realize. Start here for international variations:

    Behind The Name also has a thorough collection of variations and diminutives. You can click on an "other languages" option (say, Maria) and see a bunch of diminutives for that too. You can really find a Mary diminutive or variant for any name style.

    The root of Mary is a bit obscure and has been oversimplified into "bitter." BTN has a good discussion. I love Mara - simple, underused, and melodic. I wouldn't let a meaning put you off when (1) the "bitter" thing isn't even a certainty, and doesn't mean "bitter" in terms of the personality trait, anyway; and (2) If you're choosing a name with a different root, that means it's not a form of Mary ... so it really isn't honoring a Mary.

    A few variants you may like:
    Catherine/Kathleen, Susan/Susannah, Anne/Anna/Annabeth, Jane, Margaret/Marguerite, Rose/Rosemary, Cecile/Cecily, Flora/Laura, Gwendolen, Paloma, Tabitha, Lucille, Beatrice, Harriet

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    I agree with @rlinden, the "bitter" meaning is debatable and there are many more positive associations with the name.

    I think Mary is gorgeous and elegant, either on its own, with a nickname (Molly, May, Mimi) or as part of a double name (from your list. Mary-Elodie, Mary-Zahra, or Mary-Ayla would be pretty & unexpected).
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    Not expecting...yet! Just love names!
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    Mary is one of my favorites!

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    How about Rosemary? You'll still have the Mary part, but without the bitter meaning and the timeless nn Rose. Another one I like is Mariah.
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