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    brother for Guthry and Afton

    Hi! I have a son named Guthry Rhett and a daughter named Afton Faye. Both first names are places in Oklahoma. I am pregnant with another boy and my husband and I like Taft Wesley and Hoyt Wesley. neither are an obvious choice for me. Taft is very similar to Afton. We call her Faye, but she is known to everyone else as Afton. Hoyt is used more than Taft, but still not in the top 1000. I need someone to say something that makes up my mind :-) or if you have an AWESOME suggestion, please share!

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    oliveshoot Guest
    First of all, I LOVE the name Afton. Especially because of the Nickel Creek Song "Sweet Afton".

    Between the two, I think I would go with Taft. It's similar to Afton, and yet a completely different sound at the same time. Hoyt is a little hard to say, in my opinion. It seems like everyone would have to have you repeat the name before they "catch" what you are saying, if that makes sense.

    Are Hoyt and Taft also places in Oklahoma or are you open to other suggestions?

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    Thank you! Yes, Taft and Hoyt are both towns/communities in Oklahoma. It would be cool if the name ended up being an Oklahoma place name, but I am open to any suggestions.

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    Those names are so cool!
    I feel like Taft and Hoyt don't really measure up to your kids names. I wouldn't use Taft due to the similarity to Afton. And I don't know about Hoyt. I'm just not a fan I guess.

    So, I've used Wikipedia to search for Oklahoma place names and I've come up with some that I think could work:

    Durant Wesley
    Hayworth Wesley (not a fan of the repetitive w sounds but I really like Hayworth with Guthry and Afton)
    Hendrix Wesley
    Kiefer Wesley
    Langston Wesley
    Luther Wesley
    Meridian Wesley (kind of out there but I think I like it)
    Okeene Wesley
    Schulter Wesley
    Dylan Reese Kieran Lennox Owen
    Avery Quinn Delaney Sloane Lennon

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    I can't say I am all that fond of Taft & Hoyt but they're not awful. Hoyt would be my pick as Taft sounds to close to Afton and Taft-Aft rhyme.

    Molly20 has given some great suggestions above.

    With Guthry & Afton (love nn Faye!) I really like:
    Hayworth - fav!

    Hendrix is too trendy with your other kids names

    Guthry, Afton & Hayworth sound great

    Hayworth also has the advantage of sorta sounding like a virtue/nature name.

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