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    Carys, Noa or Perry..which is your favorite?

    My husband and i have narrowed he field down to our final three. We have VERY different favs and are torn between these names for our little lady. Her middle name will be Elizabeth after her great grandmother. We would be so grateful if you would rate them for us with reasons why you do or don't love them.

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    Carys is my favorite from your choices, it is beautiful and uncommon and I think it has the best flow with the middle name.
    I like Noa as well but Noah is so popular as a boys name that I'm afraid Noa could be mistaken for a boy on name alone.
    Perry sounds very masculine to me and I don't like it as much as the other choices.

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    How is Carys pronounced?

    I like Noa with Elizabeth, but Noa looks incomplete.

    Perry is SO masculine and really isn't attractive at all for a little girl.
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    Ranked in order:

    Carys Elizabeth (I love the name Carys! The meaning is beautiful - "love")
    Noa Elizabeth (Also very lovely, a close second)
    Perry Elizabeth (I really don't care for this, and usually I like gender neutral or surname names. Just reminds me of Katy Perry)

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    Carys is gorgeous !!

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