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    Aurora Elizabeth Lucille is my favorite. All three names are just stunning!

    I find the "Taren" and "Camryn" really out of place with the other names.
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    I like Aurora Elizabeth Lucille the best.
    Maybe your husband will like your name suggestions better if you use one short and one longer middle name? It sounds a bit less "over the top" then, if you get what I mean. In that case, Aurora Elizabeth Luna and Aurora Elizabeth Rose would be so beautiful as well!

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    I wanted to name my kids 2 middles. My kids (early 20's) say they are glad that I didn't.

    Their Baptismal names have another middle Though! :-)

    So as not to sound like mouthfuls why not mix them up to sound a bit more flowing? i.e. :

    Camryn Lucille Rose.

    Taryn Aurielia Rose

    Aurielia Catherine Rose

    Luna Elizabeth Rose

    Aurora Irie Elizabeth

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    I love Aurora Elizabeth Rose. ♥️🌹

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    Fantastic suggestion . Thank you ♥️

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