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Thread: Charlie

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    I know several girls/women with this as a first name only, they all or creative happy go lucky people many with so much charm I feel dull to be around them!

    I think Charlie paired with something feminine is the key!

    Charlie Larissa (girls name of today)! I am sure your Charlie will be a unforgettable name that everyone loves!

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    Love Charlie for a girl! (Though you may want to consider a full name for future choices or professional purposes, and call her Charlie.)

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    I prefer Charlize. Charlie isn't my cup of tea for a girl.
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    How about Charlaina with the nickname Charlie?

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    My nieces name is Charlie. Not Charlotte or anything just Charlie. I think if you like a nick name just name your baby that not the extended name. My niece is very girly and it still suits her perfectly. I think it makes a better girls name then a boys.

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