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Thread: Charlie

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    Charlee or Charleigh is a better spelling for a girl. I think it's an adorable name for a girl!

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    Charlie is one of the most approachable and friendliest names around - for a boy. I don't really care for it on a girl.
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    If I just heard the name "Charlie," I would assume it was a boy. However, I know a couple little girl Charlie's. It's cute on them! I just see it more of a boys-name-on-a-girl rather than a unisex name.
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    While not my cup of tea for a girl, I think it's perfectly fine nowadays for a girl nickname. However, I agree with pp that it's just too informal for a full name. My good friend has a nickname-first name, and she says every time she has to sign a form, renew her professional (or drivers) license, or do anything legal or official, people give her "Excuse me, we need your full name." She's actually had legal documents rejected and sent back to her because they assumed she used her nickname.

    If it's still your favorite name, pp mentioned some good Charlotte/Charlene alternatives. I agree that while Caroline is a stretch, it could work. Charisma could be a good one too.

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    Charlize is the only full name that I could like, but we prefer Charlie. Our daughter will grow up in France and they don't really have nicknames.
    Thank you!

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