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    Question Annoying Twin Names?

    Genre of Story: Fantasy

    Time Period/Location: present day. Their dad is a businessman so they travel a lot. We first meet them France

    Brief Plot: The girls are an annoying set of identical twins. They often feel ignored by their dad as he works, so they rebel quite often. However, they are quite spoiled. The girls are joined at the hip (it's always "___ and __")

    Character Description: They are identical. Both have long, dark brown (almost black) hair and brown eyes. High pitched, annoying, "mean girl" voice. They are 15.

    Who named the character: Their mother is not in the picture, however she would have been present in the naming process. Since the family goes all over, international names are welcome.

    Immediate Family (if relevant): Dad, Richard

    Already Considered (if relevant): Claire and Cleo
    Don’t Suggest These Names: Nothing in the top 10: Sophia, Emma, Isabella, Olivia, Ava, Mia, Emily, Abigail, Madison, or Elizabeth.

    Anything else?: If you have ever met a set of twins whose names are annoyingly close, comment them. If you like two names that would be annoyingly close, comment them. I want them to start with the same letter.
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    Ashley & Ashy?
    I like Cleo maybe with Ciro?
    Shea & Seana
    Marie & Mae/Mary?
    Mimi & Molly
    Bailey & Kailey (They don't start with the same letter but sound really close)
    Maia & Kaia (They don't start with the same letter but sound really close)
    Louie & Lucy?
    Kelly & Kiki? (Those kinda made me laugh)
    Oh! Keely & Kelly! Maybe
    Daisy & Maisey (They don't start with the same letter but sound really close)
    GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    Maddy and Molly
    Callie and Carson
    Tiffany and Brittany
    Rania and Nadia
    Aya and Aicha
    Shayma and Malika
    Meriem and Amina
    Valentina and Catalina
    Stella and Scarlett
    Kelsey and Camila
    Riya and Diya
    Anya and Kavya
    Natalija and Natasha
    Zahra and Layla
    Jing and Ying
    Tamar and Talia
    Sarah and Shira
    Adi and Yahli
    Sadia and Nadia
    Sobia and Fozia
    Hannah and Anna
    Yelena and Yekaterina
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    Callie and Tally
    Mabel and May Belle
    Anna and Ana [ANN-a and ON-a)
    Lily and Tilly
    Spring and Summer

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