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    Themed Namebank CAF - 2014 Movies

    Create a family using the namebanks provided.

    LN: Brody, Everdeen, Granger, Haddock, Lancaster, Rogers, Waters, Xavier

    DH: Bishop, Bolivar, Charles, Erik, Hank, Logan, Peter, Ramone, Scott [X-Men: Days of Future Past]
    DW: Beatrice, Christina, Jeanine, Lauren, Molly, Natalie, Tori [Divergent]

    DD1: Alisa, Anne, Frannie, Grace, Hazel, Julie, Lidewij, Maria, Monica [The Fault in Our Stars]
    DD2: Astrid, Aurora, Felicia, Gwen, Leila, Maleficent, Mary, May, Valka [Maleficent/ How to Train Your Dragon 2/ The Amazing Spiderman 2]
    DS1: Abraham, Albert, Ben, Charlie, Dan, Edward, George, Lewis, Marcus [A Million Ways to Die in the West]
    DS2: Ford, Ishiro, Joe, Marcus, Russell, Sam, Stan, Takashi, Tre, William [Godzilla]
    DD3: Alma, Annie, Cressida, Effie, Hilary, Jen, Johanna, Katniss, Lauren, Primrose [Mockingjay - Part 1/ Blended]
    DS3/DD4: Alexander, Brock, Jack, James, Jasper, Nick, Sam, Steve / Kate, Maria, Natasha, Peggy, Renata, Sharon [Captain America: The Winter Soldier]
    DD5/DS4: Amber, Ariadne, Aurelia, Carly, Cassia, Kate, Lydia / Atticus, Corvus, Frank, Mark, Milo, Nick, Phil, Severus [Pompeii/ The Other Woman]
    DS5: Claude, Donald, Frank, James, Jean, Preston, Richard, Sam, Victor, Walter [Monuments Men]

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    LN: Waters

    DH: Logan Erik Waters
    DW: Natalie Beatrice Waters

    DD1: Hazel Maria Waters
    DD2: May Aurora Waters
    DS1: Abraham "Abe" George Waters
    DS2: Ford William Waters
    DD3: Annie Primrose Waters
    DS3/DD4: Jasper Brock Waters & Kate Sharon Waters
    DD5/DS4: Lydia Aurelia Waters & Atticus Milo Waters
    DS5: James Victor Waters

    Hazel, May, Abe, Ford, Annie, Jasper, Kate, Lydia, Atticus, & James

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    ♀ potential little ladies:
    lauren elizabeth⎰sophie jane⎰grace audrey
    camden willow⎰elena maeve⎰lilia adele

    ♂potential little men:
    alexander david⎰nathaniel isaiah⎰lincoln joseph
    archer william⎰kieran louis⎰madison gage

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    LN: Haddock

    DH: Charles Scott
    DW: Christina Tori

    DD1: Julie Anne
    DD2: Astrid Leila
    DS1: Lewis Abraham
    DS2: Tre Marcus
    DD3: Jen Cressida
    DS3/DD4: James Alexander & Kate Renata
    DD5/DS4: Amber Lydia & Mark Severus
    DS5: Sam Walter

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