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Thread: Jill Duggar CAF

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    DD/DS: Fleur Michelle/Casper Lucas
    DD: Blair Hannah
    DD: Harper Louise
    DS: Connor Matthew
    DS: Alexander Michael
    DD/DS: Eleanor Georgia/Christopher Caleb
    DD: Amber Darcey
    DS/DD: Xavier Marcus/Honor Sophie
    DD: Piper Marie
    DS/DS/DD: Oliver Peter/Alistair Derick/Jennifer Anna

    Wow, imagine how many grandDuggars there would be if all 19 have this many!
    Jill, Derick, Fleur, Casper, Hannah Bee, Harper, Connor, Alex, Ellie, Chris, Amber, Xavier, Honnie, Piper, Oliver, Alistair and Jenny
    name-obsessed british teenberry


    marina genevieve priya and theo alexander milun

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    LN: Dillard

    DH: Derick Michael
    DW: Jill Michelle (Duggar)

    18 Births
    All first names start with A
    All middle names are word names

    DD: Abbey Camellia
    DD: Aurora Posey *Rorie*

    DD: Amelie Petal
    DS: Anderson Birch

    DS: Angus Oak
    DS: Aston Reed

    DS: Arlo Linden
    DS: Alfred *Alfie*
    DD: Araminta Iris *Minty*

    DD: Arabia Clover

    DS: Adrian Park
    DS: Arthur Pine
    DD: Arwen Poppy

    DS: Ansel Spruce

    DS: Aldo Sylvan

    DD: Aritzia Lilac *Ritz*

    DD: Amity Calla
    DD: Arcadia Fleur

    DS: Ajax Branch *Jax*

    DS: Abbott Elm
    DD: Aline Peony

    DD: Anastasia Orchid

    DD: Astrid Rose

    DD: Allegra Daisy

    DS: Avery Forrest
    DS: Arden Beech
    DD: Arrietty Primrose

    DS: Albrecht Ilara

    DS: Asher Leaf

    Jill and Derick have 29 children; Abbey, Rorie, Amelie, Anderson, Angus, Aston, Arlo, Alfie, Minty, Arabia, Adrian, Arthur, Arwen, Ansel, Aldo, Ritz, Amity, Arcadia, Jax, Abbott, Aline, Anastasia, Astrid, Allegra, Avery, Arden, Arrietty, Albrecht, and Asher.

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    LN: Dillard

    DH: Derick Michael
    DW: Jill Michelle (Duggar)

    Roll to find out how many births they have: 16

    Roll to find out what theme to use for the children's first names
    3. all first names end with Y
    Roll to find out what theme to use for the children's middle names
    5. all middle names are in the top 50 names of 2013

    Derick Michael and Jill Michelle Dillard
    1. Betsy Victoria
    2. Cassidy Grace
    3. Mary Allison and Milly Arianna
    4. Clay Sebastian
    5. Journey Claire
    6. Harmony Brooklyn and Hallsey Brayden
    7. Liberty Sarah and Lacy Savannah
    8. Joany Amelia
    9. Langley Camila and Lenny Christopher
    10. Amberly Sofia
    11. Melody Hannah
    12. Nealy Hunter and Noemy Harper
    13. Barclay Isaac
    14. Orley James
    15. Bonny Evelyn
    13. Idony Lillian
    15. Verity Emma
    16. Winny Elizabeth and Waverley Ella
    Vote on my name lists: (boys) and (girls).

    Girls' Top Fifteen: Ceridwen, Cliodhna, Coppelia, Glasgow, Ondine, Severine, Lumina, Isolda, Iphigenia, Cameo, Phaedra, Margaret, Elestren, Meliora, Fionnuala

    Boys' Top Ten: Phoenix, Lysander, Wilder, Gilbert, Tarquin, Melchior, Harry, Pryor, Taliesin, Carwyn, Lyall, Hesper, Phosphorus, James, Jem

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