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Thread: Jill Duggar CAF

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    LN: Dillard

    DH: Derick Michael
    DW: Jill Michelle (nee Duggar)

    They have 16 pregnancies (what have I got myself in for??):
    DS: Tobias Zavier- Tobi
    DD/DS: Evelyn Yasmin & Sebastian Xander- Evie & Seb
    DD: Bethan Waverly- Beth
    DD/DS/DD: Arianna Violet, Elias Uriah & Gabriela Teagan- Anna, Eli & Gabbi
    DS/DS: Nicholas Seth & Zackary Rowan- Nick & Zack
    DD: Addison Quinn- Addi
    DS: Theodore Payton- Theo
    DS/DS/DD: Caleb Oscar, Jacob Nate & Freya Macey- Cal, Jake & Frey
    DD: Lilianna Lydia- Lili
    DS: Alexander Kai- Alex
    DS/DS: William James & Benjamin Isaac- Will & Ben pun intended
    DD/DD: Alexis Haley & Ashley Gwen- Lexi and Ash
    DD: Eliana Fae- Ellie- pronounced differently to Elias' Eli
    DD/DS: Olivia Emily & Daniel Drew- Olly & Danny
    DS: Jasper Cole- Jas
    DS/DD: Joseph Bailey- Jo

    First name theme is:
    6. All first names have a built-in nickname

    Middle name theme is:
    2. All middle names are reverse alphabetical

    Wow this was tough

    Meat the Dillards!
    Derick and Jill, and their children Toby, 19, Evie, 18, Seb, 18, Beth, 17, Anna, 16, Eli, 16, Gabbi, 16, Nick, 14, Zack, 14, Addi, 13, Theo, 12, Cal, 11, Jake, 11, Frey, 11, Lili, 9, Alex, 8, Will, 7, Ben, 7, Lexi, 6, Ash, 6, Ellie, 5, Olly, 4, Danny, 4, Jas, 3, Jo, 2

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    LN: Dillard

    DH: Derick Michael
    DW: Jill Michelle (Duggar)

    Roll to find out how many births they have: 16
    Roll once for each birth to find out what they have:
    DS/DD: Jeffrey Ethan & Jennifer Elaine
    DS: Alexander Owen
    DD/DS/DD: Bethany Erin, Christopher Emmett, & Rebecca Emaline
    DS/DS: Matthew Uri & Michael Ulysses
    DS: Thomas Aaron
    DD: Katherine Alexis
    DD/DS/DD: Lucille Olivia, Lucas Orion, & Lillian Ophelia
    DS/DS/DD: Nathaniel Isaac, Nicholas Isaiah, & Madison Isabelle
    DD: Elizabeth Ashlyn

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