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    Olivia Pronunciation

    I always thought Olivia was a pretty name but I've heard different pronunciations for it. I've heard ah-livia, oh-livia, and uh-livia. My little sister has a girl at work who says it as oh-livia, my kid cousin has a girl in his class who says it oh-livia, and I've also heard it being pronounced as uh-livia and ah-livia. How do you pronounce the name?
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    I say Olivia as Oh-livia. Alivia as Uh-livia.

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    I say it kind of halfway between uh-livia and oh-livia, but closer to uh-livia.
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    If I take my time it's more of an Oh-livia but when I rush it a bit more it's somewhere in between that and Uh-livia.

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    I never know how to explain how I say it! It's sort of a mix between ah-livia and OL-livia (like the beginning of Oliver as opposed to Elena or Eliza) for me. Like a soft "O" sound, like in "pot" or "poppy" or "cot".

    ETA: Occasionally, I say OH-livia, but generally it's with the soft "oh" sound.
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