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    Church Bulletin Generation CAF

    Create a family from names in my church bulletin:

    LN: Bjornoos, Brown, Duda, Duzan, Glasgow, Hussong, Marenchin, McAvoy, Phillips, Pingree, Trombley, Turner, Vander Vegt, Woischke

    Boys: Ayden, Bill, Brandon, Cal, Chris, Christopher, Corben, Curt, Dale, Dan, Del, Donald, Doug, Jeff, Jeremiah, Jim, Josh, Justin, Kirk, Larry, Lee, Logan, Matthew, Mel, Nick, Rodney, Ron, Steve, Steven, T.J. (you can decide what it stands for),

    Girls: Aine, Arlene, Cathy, Courtney, Diane, Dolores, Donna, Emily, Evie, Gail, Glenna, Hannah, Haven, Heidi, Jolie, Judy, Karen, Kathy, Kristen, Lil, Lori, Mae, Margaret, Marian, Marilyn, Marlys, Merilee, Mira, Nicole, Sandy, Shirley, Tricia, Vicki, Virginia, Wilma


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    The McAvoy's

    DH: {69} Jeffrey Christopher McAvoy, Sr. 'Jeff'
    DW: {68} Glenna Arlene {Phillips} McAvoy

    DS: {40} Jeffrey Christopher McAvoy, Jr. 'Chris'
    - DW: {36} Cathleen Diane {Duzan} McAvoy 'Cathy'
    - DD: {11} Kristen Nicole McAvoy 'Krissy'
    - DD: {9} Hannah Margaret McAvoy
    - DD: {6} Victoria Shirley McAvory 'Vicki'
    - DS: {2} Jeffrey Christopher McAvoy, III 'Tripp'

    DD: {37} Emily Mae {McAvoy} Brown
    - DH: {38} Steven Rodney Brown
    - DD/DD: {9} Haven Arlene McAvoy / Heidi Marilyn McAvoy
    - DS: {2} Tate Jonathan Brown 'TJ'

    DD: {36} Lilia Virginia {McAvoy} Vegt 'Lil'
    - DH: {38} Matthew Kirk Vegt
    - DS: {4} Nicholas Justin Vegt 'Nick'

    DS: {33} Daniel Brandon McAvoy 'Dan'
    - DW: {29} Mira Dolores {Marenchin} McAvoy
    - DD: {18m} Jolie Marlys McAvoy
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    DH: Cal Steven Glasgow 60
    DW: Aine Marlys Glasgow 59
    -DS1: Daniel "Dan" Justin Glasgow 36
    --DW: Heidi Nicole Glasgow 37
    ---DD1: Virginia Marilyn Glasgow 12
    ---DD2: Margaret Jolie Glasgow 9
    ---DD3: Hannah Gail Glasgow 8
    ---DS: Matthew Curt Glasgow 5
    -DD1: Karen Merilee Bjornoos 33
    --DH: Steve Rodney Bjornoos 37
    ---DD1/DD2: Mae Dolores Bjornoos & Evie Diane Bjornoos 6
    ---DS: Ayden Dale Bjornoos 3
    -DD2: Kristen Glenna Trombley 31
    --DH: Brandon Kirk Trombley 31
    ---DS: Logan Jeremiah Trombley 5
    -DS2: Jeffrey "Jeff" Christopher Glasgow 26
    --DW: Mira Arlene Glasgow 24
    ---DD: Emily Marian Glasgow 1

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    DH: Donald Mel McAvoy
    DW: Dolores Marian McAvoy
    -DS1: Christopher Dale McAvoy
    --DW: Margaret Shirley McAvoy
    ---DD1: Mira Marian McAvoy
    ---DD2: Haven Marilyn McAvoy
    ---DD3: Aine Margaret McAvoy
    ---DS: Cal Christopher McAvoy
    -DD1: Emily Gail Marenchin
    --DH: Lee Steven Marenchin
    ---DD1/DD2: Marlys Kristen Marenchin/Glenna Karen Marenchin
    ---DS: Corben Steve Marenchin
    -DD2: Hannah Evie Phillips
    --DH: Brandon Chris Phillips
    ---DS: Thomas Julian Phillips
    -DS2: Matthew Kirk McAvoy
    --DW: Wilma Arlene McAvoy
    ---DD: Mae Arlene McAvoy

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    LN: Trombly

    DH: Larry Jeremiah Trombley
    DW: Dolores Wilma Trombley
    -DS1: Rodney Steve Trombley
    --DW: Virginia Marian Trombly
    ---DD1: Emily Aine Trombley
    ---DD2: Nicole Merilee Trombley
    ---DD3: Kristen Gail Trombley
    ---DS: Christopher Lee Trombley
    -DD1: Marlys Karen Turner
    --DH: Corben Ron Turner
    ---DD1/DD2: Evie Arlene Turner/Vicki Diane Turner
    ---DS: Logan Matthew Turner
    -DD2: Judy Margaret Butler
    --DH: Brandon Donald Butler
    ---DS: Steven Josh Butler
    -DS2: Justin Nick Trombley
    --DW: Donna Marilyn Mae Trombley
    ---DD: Haven Glenna Jolie Trombley
    Kyla Marie, Harry Edward

    Destinee Sierra, Alana Rose, Arabella Grace, Emillie Melissa, Tallulah Monroe
    Logan Mckay, Alfie Carter, Jaxon Oliver, Caspar James, Toby Alexander

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