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Thread: Girl name?

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    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 24 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

    Ladies: Juliet Elaine, Madeleine Audrey, Emilia Noelle, Lydia Caris, Elodie Katherine, Carys Emily, Victoria Elise

    Gentlemen: Jonathan Rhys, Wesley Jay, Roman/Rowan Gabriel, Evan Parker, Elliott Jude, Dawson Cole, Jude/Judah Nathaniel, Rhys Nehemiah, Everett Jacob

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    Quote Originally Posted by bellac View Post
    Name for girl, with the possibility of nickname.

    Classic girl names with nicknames...
    Elizabeth ~ Lizzy, Liz, Eliza, Libby, Beth, Liza
    Caroline ~ Caro, Cara, Carly, Carrie
    Katherine ~ Kate, Katie, Kitty, Kathy
    Eleanor ~ Ellen, Ellie, Ella, Elle, Laney
    Rebekah ~ Becca, Becky
    Samantha ~ Sam, Sammy
    Charlotte ~ Lottie, Charlie/Charley
    Meredith ~ Merry, Edie, Edith
    Alexandra ~ Allie, Alex, Lexi, Xandra
    Victoria ~ Tori, Vicky, Ria, Plum

    : )

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    Virginia- Ginny, Vivi, Gina
    Camila- Cami, Millie
    Corinne- Cori, Rin, Cora
    Eleanor- Ellie, Elle, Nora, Nori
    Genevieve- Jenny, Gen, Vivi, Gigi
    Juliette- Julie
    Nicolette- Nikki, Coley, Lettie, Colette
    Mercedes- Mercy
    Cecily- Cici
    Louisa- Lulu, Lou, Isa
    Olive- Ollie, Liv, Livvy,
    Alice- Allie, Lissie
    Clarissa- Clary, Rissa, Claire
    Felicity- Lissie, Felicia
    Katherine- Katie, Kate, Kitty, Kathy, Rin, Thea
    Meredith- Merry
    Penelope- Penny, Nella, Nell, Lulu, Pia, Lola
    Willow- Willa, Willie
    Bridget- Bree, Brid
    Lydia- Lou, Didi, Lyd, Lydie
    Fiona- Fifi
    Matilda- Mattie, Tilda, Tillie
    Tabitha- Tabby
    Natalia- Nat, Tally, Talia
    Abigail- Abby, Gail, Bea
    Beatrice- Bea, Trice
    Elizabeth- Eliza, Liz, Lizzie, Ellie, Elle, Elize, Beth, Betty
    Margaret- Margie, Margo, Maggie, Meg, Gary
    Lucille- Cici, Lucy
    Amelia- Amy, Mia, Lia, Emmy, Mila
    Lillian- Anne, Annie, Anna, Lilly
    Mabel- Mae, Bella
    Millicent- Senna, Millie
    Imogen- Jenny, Gen, Mo
    Josephine- Jo, Josie
    Violet- Vi, Lettie
    Delphine- Della, Dell
    Adelaide- Addie, Adele, Della, Dell, Aidy, Aida
    Caroline- Cara, Lina, Carol, Caro, Linnea, Carrie, Roe
    Rosalind- Linda, Lindy, Rosie, Rosa, Lynn, Rose, Roe
    Myra- Mya, Miley
    Gabrielle- Gabby, Bree, Brielle, Elle
    Leona- Lea
    Agnes- Aggie, Nessa, Nessie, Ness
    Susanna- Susie, Sue, Susa, Anna
    Juniper- Juni
    Annabelle- Anna, Anne, Annie, Belle, Bella
    Dorothea- Dori, Dorothy, Dora, Thea
    Emily- Emma, Millie, Mila, Emmy, Lily
    Isabelle- Issy, Isa, Bella, Belle
    Esmeralda- Esme, Merry, Mira, Allie
    Zenobia- Zen, Bea

    Wow, that was a long list!
    Caroline ❀
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    Feel free to drop me a message. I'd love to chat ♥

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