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    Has your favorite name ever been butchered?

    Has your name, any of your family's names, or just a random name been butchered so bad your heart just dropped? My sister's names are Amélie and Camille and although they aren't too bad, I was disappointed to find Amayleigh and Kahmee
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    jakki Guest
    my sister was Kylee before Kylie Monogue and that broke our hearts

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    I know someone that spells their name Jaykob.
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    My name can be spelled in 3 different ways so people always have to ask how it's spelled or they just assume and then they assume wrongly. It's not actual butchering since it's legit but whenever I see a wrong spelling I feel like they turned me into a different person altogether.

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    Misspellings aren't that common in my family. There's a Morgh@n, but that's not that bad.

    There's also Korynn3 and K@mylle. I always thought those were the normal spellings though, since I grew up with them. I definitely like Corinne and Camille more. Korynn3 and K@mylle seem butchered.

    3= e
    @= a

    I used 3 and @ so they won't look up their names and find this.

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