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    What are the worst "yoo-neek" spellings you've seen?

    Like the title says, what are the absolute worst? I haven't seen my name butchered (thank goodness) but I have seen my sister's, Amélie and Camille. Amayleigh and Kahmee. Shudder.
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    I always loved the episode of an Aussie comedy show called 'Kath and Kim' where Kim's daughter's name was being discussed and suggestions included Tiffany, spelt Typhphaannnii.

    The worst I've seen in real life is probably Tygah (Tiger), but I really count Jaxon (Jackson), Aiden (Aidan), Makayla (Michaela) and other phonetic spellings as really pushing the envelope. I guess I just prefer traditional spellings.
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    Jaykob (Jacob)
    Danyelle (Danielle)
    Drewzylla (Drusilla)
    Lesleigh (Leslie)
    Alisyabeth (Elizabeth)

    Some people I have met with these names, others are ones my friends have heard.
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    Jrew. Met a 2 month old baby named this. The newest addition to a family with 3 or 4 other kids with J names, and the parents liked Drew so they spelled it Jrew to match "since it sounds the same as Drew anyway". Ugh.
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    Madylynne (Madeline)
    Eilischa (Elisha)
    Draekeson (Like Drakeson, but I'm not sure that that's even a name.)
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