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    Help Me Name a Family

    I'm writing a short story for my creative writing class, and I need some help coming up with names for the set of fraternal twins (age 18) that are the main center of the story itself. I'm struggling with one problem: When I find a name for one of them, the other one seems nonsensical and makes the other look moronic. I'll also need names for their parents, their three younger sisters, ages 9, 5, and 2, and their youngest brother, who's 10 months.

    Now I'll explain the twins, who I'll call Twin #1 and Twin #2.

    Twin #1: This twin is a prodigious male who is considered the pride of the family, while Twin 2 gets the short end of the stick. He's a piano prodigy, and is working to become a doctor. He's the oldest.

    Names I've Considered: Legacy, Normalcy, Seven, Remember, and Remarkable

    Names I wouldn't like/accept: Jacob (or any variations), or any Japanese names.

    Twin #2: This other male twin is the underachiever of the family. He's into skating and graphic design, and is incredibly jealous of Twin #1 because he gets the attention of his family for seemingly everything he does. He's the second oldest.

    Names I've Considered: Aspire, Solstice, Crescent, Declare, and North

    Names I won't accept: Anything latin, or Jacob and it's variations.

    The Sisters (feel free to use any names here besides Sophia or Olivia.):

    Age 9: She's the middle child of the family, and seemingly always has something to say about something Twin #2 does. She's also tasked with taking care of her younger sisters, who give her a hard time about her interests in history.

    Names I've Considered: Lia, Nissan, Mercy, Mia, and Zeal.

    Age 5: As the second youngest girl, this little one is more focused on being a fairy princess than being worried with smarts and intelligence. Her favorite color is pink sparkles, and she swears that she was a princess in her past life. She looks up to Twin #1 (the older twin), whom she nicknamed "Prince Bubby".

    Names I've Considered: Princess, Calixta, Douce, Alexia-Grace, Tearose, and Penrose.

    Age 2: The youngest girl in the family is a little tomboy already, who loves to run around and play in the backyard. She likes athletics, like soccer and softball. Besides this, she also is a diva, and definitely knows what she does and DOESN'T want.

    Names I've Considered: Favour, Beckham, Aaron, South, and Anderson.

    Age 10 Months: The youngest boy in the family is still growing and developing, but is seemingly fond of animals and any living creatures.

    Names I've Considered: Sweeney, Provence, Fonchon, and Charbonneau.

    The Parents:

    Mom: As a trophy wife, the mom didn't feel much need to ever go to college or get a job. Otherwise, she spends her days spoiling her children rotten and being used for show by her husband.

    Names I've Considered: Theavy, Thalassa, Taryn, Leonine and Sophia.

    Dad: As a wealthy businessman, Dad is hardly around, and is quite a playboy, cheating on his wife with a mistress.

    Names I've Considered: Lionel, Alphonse, Alexander, Desir, Axel.

    Thank you for your help in advance!

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