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    Rubina: What do you think?

    I haven't been loving girls' names in general lately, but I have been liking Rubina. I love nicknames and Rubina is full of options: Rue, Ruby, Bean, Jellybean, Bina, Ina... Do you think this would make a good name for a future daughter? I hope not to have children for a long time, but I keep a list of possibilities just in case.

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    There is a drink named Ribena

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    I think Rubina is a lovely name and that you should go ahead and use it.

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    I kinda like it. I think it's way nicer than Ruby though. And she has some pretty neat nicknames too.

    I think you should keep it.

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    It's similar to my name, and I'm not really a fan. The 'R' & ''B' sounds in combination are unappealing (though I don't object to Ruby, as it makes me think of the jewel first). There are prettier/cuter names.

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