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    Opinion plz: Lilyana Brook

    We wanted something she can change up a bit. She could go by Lily, Lil, Ana or just Lilyana. Originally, we were going with Lily, but I have a lot of Ls in my last name. Doing it this way seemed to break it up.

    What are your thoughts? Is she going to get made fun of?

    Thank u

    First time dad

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    It's so great to see a dad on here. First off, congratulations! Second, NO she will not be made fun of. Other little girls will think she has a storybook princess name. Lilyana is too sweet and pretty for my personal style (as is Lily) but you're right that there are lots of good potential nicknames. I say go for it!
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    Nope, I too, think it's sweet! And she would definitely NOT be made fun of simply because of that name.
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    I think Lilyana is adorable! Why would she get made fun of for such a beautiful name?

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    Not my style, but she wouldn't be made fun of. I much prefer Lillian!

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