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  • Penelope Hope Greene

    28 19.44%
  • Penelope Celeste Greene

    26 18.06%
  • Penelope Ruby Greene

    13 9.03%
  • Ruby Celeste Greene

    45 31.25%
  • Ruby Christine Greene

    14 9.72%
  • Ruby Penelope Greene

    18 12.50%
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    Quote Originally Posted by dovah View Post
    I don't think I would use Ruby if my surname was Greene. And I don't really like it with Lucy, either.

    That said, Penelope looks off to me, too. It's so long and flowing compared to your other children. I much prefer Penny on its own (it's a closer Beatles reference this way, too).

    I think any of your choices work, but I like Penelope Celeste best on style and sound. Ruby Celeste is my second choice.

    I'm sorry to hear you're having a difficult pregnancy. I hope for your health and baby's, too.
    Thank you so much for your advise and concern. I am sure everything will work out with my health. I think that's the reason why I am name obsessing, it's much more fun then thinking of medical issues if it were up to me I'd go with Penny straight as a first name but dh will not have it

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    I think in terms of flow, Penelope Celeste Greene works best. I would avoid a middle name of Christine with your last name (too rhyme-y).

    Ruby Penelope is adorable but might also be too rhyme-y. I could see it as the name of a little girl but maybe not as the name of a CEO, ya know?

    If I were you I'd consider the name Prudence Hope, love that song and Prue is such a cute nn. But I respect that your favorites are Penelope and Ruby
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    What about Rubina Greene? I feel like this lessens the "color clash" somewhat, but she could still be "Ruby." Celeste is my favorite mn option for either Ruby or Penelope, but I like the significance of Christine.

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    I love Penelope. I think Penelope Hope Greene is a great name.

    Have you considered Prudence? Dear Prudence is one of my favorite Beatles songs.
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    I voted for Ruby Celeste. I don't think Ruby Greene is an issue at all, and it goes with your other kids' names MUCH better than Penelope.

    (And I don't like the names Penelope or Penny at all, I admit, but love Ruby.)

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