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  • Penelope Hope Greene

    28 19.44%
  • Penelope Celeste Greene

    26 18.06%
  • Penelope Ruby Greene

    13 9.03%
  • Ruby Celeste Greene

    45 31.25%
  • Ruby Christine Greene

    14 9.72%
  • Ruby Penelope Greene

    18 12.50%
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    Finally down to two first names

    Hi berries, you have been so helpful to me! We are definietly down to two first names..
    Penelope nn penny
    Just in case you didn't read my other posts, I have 3 kids named after the Beatles. Jude, Lucy, Skye. My ln is Greene, so there are some issues with Ruby because of this. Ruby is my personal favorite, it's sassy but beautiful and simple that it has four letters ( like my other kids). However, it does not go great with my ln. Without a doubt if I had a different ln this would be the name I would choose. Ruby baby is an early song from the beatles. Anyway Penelope is my dh favorite. Nn would definietly be Penny. I do like this name a lot, it's more elegant, but it has a great nn. And I could call here sweet pea. One draw back is her initial would be P.Greene. Anyway this last poll is to help with middle names. I got a lot of suggestions in my last thread. I am adding Ruby Christine, Christine is my first name. My son is Jude Thomas, Thomas is my dh. The reason I am considering it is bc this is a high risk pregnancy, they are probably taking the baby at 35 weeks due to serious issues, so I said to my mom if I don't make it make sure she gets my name as a middle. She said why not do it anyway. What do you think. Thanks again, 4 weeks to make this choice if not sooner..
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    Penelope Greene ticks all the boxes (nice flow, ages well, et cetera). And you DH loves it just as much as you love Ruby (I assume).
    While I know you love Ruby, Ruby Greene IS slightly problematic (not that I don't think you could pull it off).

    So yeah, I vote Penelope "Penny"
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    For some reason i am having difficulty adding a poll to this thread..
    Here are the choices
    Penelope Hope
    Penelope Celeste
    Penelope Ruby
    Ruby Christine
    Ruby Celeste
    Ruby Penelope

    Thanks again..

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    I don't think I would use Ruby if my surname was Greene. And I don't really like it with Lucy, either.

    That said, Penelope looks off to me, too. It's so long and flowing compared to your other children. I much prefer Penny on its own (it's a closer Beatles reference this way, too).

    I think any of your choices work, but I like Penelope Celeste best on style and sound. Ruby Celeste is my second choice.

    I'm sorry to hear you're having a difficult pregnancy. I hope for your health and baby's, too.

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    Penelope Christine Greene is Beautiful.

    Many for get that Our Mom's gave us a special name chosen just for us and that using your name for your baby is also a Nod to your Mom!

    You could also call her Penn as a Nickname! Good luck and Blessings for your family!

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