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    Someone once told me they would never name their child Noah. I couldn't work out why so had to ask - its because the first syllable is NO and what child wants to hear that all the time? That one had never occurred to me, neither had Sadie or Violet until they were mentioned on here. I think unless the connotation is really obvious, particularly if the name is reasonably popular, then its not going to bother most people.

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    I have the following negative assiciations:
    Violet- Violent
    Margot - Maggot
    Cynthia - Synthetic
    Demetria - Dementia
    Which is a pity as they are lovely names. However, I think once you get to know someone with that name the other association fades away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saidyanne View Post
    My name is pronounced the same but spelled Saidy. I love my name. I don't think anyone ever associates its with sad or die, because its not pronounced that way.
    Except that should be pronounced Said as in I said, then ee. Technically i mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkleninja18 View Post
    Okay, first of all, Sadie is not spelled Saddie so it is not "sad die". Secondly, it is not pronounced "sad die" or anything like it. It's "say-dee" and it's a lovely name.
    I second this.

    I love this name but there are so many bad associations! People always say "That's a dogs name!" Or the whole "sad die" thing which really upsets me as I think it's a lovely, spunky yet sweet name. Furthermore, British people must not mind as it was - not sure if it still is - in the Top 100 in 2012 or 2013.

    I don't really have any names like this to be honest, the only one that does come to mind in Fanny.
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    I find it hard to see 'sad die' myself (this is the first I've even heard that mentioned), possibly because it's fairly common -as are loads of other -ie names nowadays- and the sounds are off. But then I can't help but see 'anal lies' or 'analyse' for Annaliese.

    @mollydolally: Actually, Sadie's never been in the top 100. Closest it got was #144 in 2003. Still, I think it's nice and I've never come across the dog thing

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