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Thread: Nicknamey names

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    Quote Originally Posted by entangler View Post
    Just want to put my 2 cents in on behalf of the OP. I haven't seen any other of _vogl_track_and_feild_'s posts but this one doesn't say that she's expecting any children. Just that she is looking for a nickname name for a girl in a bbg triplet.
    Yeah, I haven't seen any of her/his other posts either but there's nothing in this one that is any different from other 'complete this sibset' posts.

    Max, Sam and...

    Rosie Charlotte
    Evie Charlotte
    Lucy Charlotte
    Ellie/Ella Charlotte
    Daisy Charlotte
    Poppy Charlotte
    Lola Charlotte

    I do think Charles and Charlotte are a bit too close, even as middle names, though - other classic C names to fit the trend you might wish to consider are Caroline, Catherine, Claire, Cassandra. It would leave Christopher as an odd name, same as Charles would be odd if you used Christine/Christina for a girl middle instead.

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    Lucy, of course! Tessa or Liza would work well too.
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    I was going to suggest Callie, because it's my personal favorite, but I'm not sure if Callie Charlotte works as well as other names would. Unless you like it of course! Here are some other suggestions:
    Lily or Lila

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