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    Complete my sibset

    I've posted lots and we still have no names for our Team Green baby due in a few weeks.

    What would you call a brother or sister for Hayden William and Kaia Lauren?

    Girl MN will be Kate or Elle, boy MN will be Matthew (family names). Surname Wind.

    Help! We have no short list, no favoured names, nothing at all

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    Thanks berries

    Quote Originally Posted by namewolf_ View Post
    Hayden, Kaia, and...

    Bryce Matthew hubby has vetoed this
    Stuart Matthew not a fan, went to school with a horrible Stuart
    Griffin Matthew I love Griffin but couldn't use it as the name of a family in the neighbourhood who are, shall we say, rough...
    Alexander Matthew wouldn't use on principle as MIL tried to push it on us (her fathers name)
    Philip Matthew NMS
    Connor Matthew quite like

    Fiona Kate my cousins name but still one of hubby's favs
    Naomi Kate NMS
    Elena Kate Like
    Heidi Kate Best friends name
    Sylvia KateNMS
    Diana KateNMS

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    Quote Originally Posted by trysaratops View Post
    Congrats!! Hayden, Kaia and:

    Leila/Layla/Lila Kate My cousin's daughter is Layla (we see regularly).
    Arden Kate I like, don't know that I could convince hubby
    Maisie Kate Friend's daughter
    Finley Kate Bit rhymey (Australian accent, finn and wind very similar sound)
    Mia Elle Friend's daughter
    Piper Elle one of my favs but I worry about Piper Wind = windpipe

    Declan Matthew Ruined by 2 horrible boys in my son's class. Both VERY naughty
    Calder Matthew I like
    Ian Matthew NMS
    Wyatt Matthew Not keen on W-W for first name-surname
    Kieran MatthewNMS
    I keep thinking I will just come upon the perfect name, but it hasn't happened yet.

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