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    How You Feel About Mathilde


    Genre of Title In the Works: YA, love story, realistic fiction, humor and comedy

    Time Period/Location: 1990-something, either southeast Ireland or Connecticut - can I get an opinion on that, too? c:

    Brief Plot: Mathilde and her family (her mother and younger sister) have recently moved to Donal's town. In spite of his initial reservations, the two bond and become friends.

    Character Name:: Mathilde Ophélie Koffi and Donal Quirke

    Anything else?: Nope c:

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    renrose Guest
    Mathilde for south east Ireland? Nope. Not likely at all. You'd be better off with Connecticut.

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    Love the name, but it doesn't seem realistic for CT, either. Not that that should stop you from using it!

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    CT's got some pretty interesting names - as a resident, I can assure you that the unusual is becoming the usual around here. cx

    I should mention: Mathilde is of French/Cote d'Ivoirian heritage.
    Glad you guys like the name. c:

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    249 Luck though
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