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    Your German Family

    Idea credit to honnepon.

    Last Name: Meyer, Wagner, Bauer, Hoffman, Müller, Neumann, Wolf, Klein, Richter, Koch, Braun, Werner, Lange, Walter, Lehmann, Krause, Martin, Hahn, Voigt, Ludwig, Haas, Simon, Otto, Engel, Sauer, Pohl, Ziegler

    Your Name & Your Partner's name: Choose names that you think are very German sounding.

    The Place You Call Home:

    Roll the dice:

    1) You live in a big, hip Berlin loft furnished with only regional pieces.

    2) You found the perfect place to live with your family. It's an old house near the North Sea.

    3) Bavaria it is. For you that doesn't mean wearing Lederhosen and Dirndl all day but living in a small Munich apartment.

    4) The town you call home has only 300 citizens but hundreds of fields surrounding it.

    5) The biggest North Frisian island is Sylt- and your home.

    6) Move anywhere you want but don't forget to tell us.

    Your Kids:

    Roll the dice two times and add up the numbers for the amount of kids you'll have.
    Roll the dice to find out their genders: 1-2 means you have a boy, 5-6 you have a girl. 3 you have boy twin, 4 you have girl twins.
    Then roll the dice for each kids first name, then for each kids middle name.

    1) The Ls:

    Lea, Lena, Leonie, Lilli, Luisa, Laura, Lara, Leni, Lotta, Lotte, Lia, Lina, Lisa

    Luca, Leon, Luis, Lukas, Leo, Liam, Lennard, Linus, Leonard (Lee-o-nard), Levi, Lard, Lorenz

    2) German Names:

    Ada, Amalia, Anneliese, Emma, Elsa, Finnja, Frieda, Franziska, Greta, Ida (Ee-da), Johanna, Jette, Katharina, Lorelei, Leonore, Mathilda, Ottilie, Ronja, Wilhelmina, Wilma,

    Arne, Arthur (A-tour), August, Benno, Clemens, Eduard, Emil (Eh-meel), Erwin, Fabian, Florian, Hannes, Henrik, Johann, Kasimir, Kaspar, Malte, Moritz, Otto, Timo, Niklas

    3) Popular Names (minus the "L" names):

    Mia, Hannah, Sofia, Anna, Emilia, Marie, Emily, Amelie, Sophie, Nele, Maja, Charlotte, Clara, Sarah, Pia, Mila, Alina, Julia, Melina, Zoe

    Ben, Paul, Jonas, Finn, Maximilan, Felix, Noah, Elias, Julian, Max, Tim, Philipp, Jakob, Tom, Henry, Till, David, Oskar, Fabian,

    4) Random Names from the German Top 500:
    Amara, Fine (Fee-ne), Eva, Henriette, Alexia, Tabea, Melinda, Flora, Linnea, Samira, Liv, Felicitas, Madita, Anouk, Carlotta

    Henning, Konstantin, Kian (Kee-an), Leonidas, Hugo (Who-goh), Kjell (kyell),
    Torben, Laurin, Robin, Edgar, Milan, Caspar, Vito, Mats, Mika

    5) The "Grandparents" Names
    Hilda, Heidi, Auguste, Margaretha, Hermine, Adelheid, Cordelia, Eugenia, Dorothea, Liesel, Elfriede, Karin, Hannelore, Liselotte, Ursula

    Anselm, Arno, Hans, Kurt, Rufus, Frieder, Franz, Georg, Heinz, Klaus, Wolfgang, Peter, Wilhelm, Albert, Rudolf

    6) you get to choose a name from any of the namebanks

    Your Family:
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    LN: Müller

    DH: Lukas Alaric
    DW: Karla Hannelore

    The Place You Call Home: Bavaria it is. For you that doesn't mean wearing Lederhosen and Dirndl all day but living in a small Munich apartment.

    DS: Levi Albert
    DD: Alexia Lotte
    DS/DS: Mats Arthur & Otto Julian
    DD/DD: Linnea Lorelei "Nea" & Greta Anouk
    DD/DD: Eva Anneliese "Eve" & Cordelia Henriette
    DS/DS: Caspar Maximilan & Henrik Leonard

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    DD1- Lia Leonie (17)
    DS1- Luca Liam (16)
    DD2- Ada Lorelei (15)
    DS2- Niklas Hannes "Nick" (14)
    DD3- Ameile Sofia (13)
    DD4- Eva Melinda (12)
    DS3- Finn Noah (11)
    DD5- Liesel Karin (10)
    DS4- Kian Milan (9)

    Ladies: Lia(17), Ada(15), Ameile(13), Eva(12), Liesel(10)

    Gents: Luca(16), Nick(14), Finn(11), Kian(9)

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    Last Name: Ziegler

    Your Name & Your Partner's name: Ansel Alaric & Greta Hildegard

    The Place You Call Home: The town you call home has only 300 citizens but hundreds of fields surrounding it.

    Your Kids:
    14 - Caspar Anselm
    12 - Maximilian Arne *Max*
    9 - Jonas Erwin
    8 - Linus Lard & Mika Clemens
    6 - Ottilie Wilma *Tillie*
    4 - Clara Hermine
    3 - Lotte Laura
    2 - Linnea Karin & Cordelia Heidi *Cora*
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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