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    Nov 2010
    LN: Wolf
    DH: Zamiel Salomo
    DW: Evi Roderica

    You found the perfect place to live with your family. It's an old house near the North Sea.

    Your Kids:
    Arno Rufus
    Cordelia Leonore
    August Noah
    Samira Anneliese & Lorelei Zoe
    Frieda Sophie & Johanna Flora
    Robin Elias
    Jonas Levi
    Albert Benno "Albie"
    eve & rose ♡ ezra & nathan

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    Mar 2014
    Last Name: Haas

    Your Name & Your Partner’s name: Katja Alexandrine and Dominick Jan

    The place you call home: The biggest North Frisian island is Sylt

    Your kids:

    DS: Julian Elias
    DD: Linnea Marie
    DD: Melinda Leonore
    DS/DS: Klaus Konstantin and Caspar Franz
    DS: Hans Arthur
    DS: Kian Philipp
    DD/DD: Cordelia Anneliese and Liesel Carlotta
    DD: Mila Emily

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    Sep 2013
    LN: Meyer

    DH: Willem August
    DW: Liesel Alexia

    You found the perfect place to live with your family. It's an old house near the North Sea.

    DD: Leonore Sophie
    DD/DD: Mathilda Amelie & Johanna Maja
    DS: Emil Wolfgang
    DS/DS: Kaspar Robin & Fabian Niklas
    DD/DD: Elfriede Anneliese & Dorothea Katharina
    DD: Wilhelmina Anouk

    Wim & Liesel: Leonie, Mathilde, Johanna, Emil, Kaspar, Fabian, Elfie, Thea & Will Meyer.

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    Oct 2013
    Last Name: Bauer

    Your Name & Your Partner's name: Maximilian Otto & Margaretha Anna ('Max & Margot')

    The Place You Call Home: The town you call home has only 300 citizens but hundreds of fields surrounding it.

    DD: Emilia Charlotte
    DS: Felix Georg
    DD: Henriette Flora
    DD: Ottilie Mathilda
    DS: Hugo Arthur
    DS: Albert Leonard

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    Sep 2013
    Northern Germany
    Your Name & Your Partner's name: Greta & Emil Walter

    The Place You Call Home: You live in a big, hip Berlin loft furnished with only regional pieces.

    The Kids:
    Charlotte Lena
    Henry Jakob
    Oskar Linus
    Hugo Frieder
    Flora Ottilie
    Lilli Johanna
    Amalia Zoe
    Madita Lorelei
    Sophie Clara
    Emma Cordelia

    Your Family:
    Greta & Emil Walter with Lotte, Henry, Oskar, Hugo, Flo, Lilli, Mia, Madita, Sophie and Emmi.

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