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    Different, but not "out there" names

    Having an impossible time thinking of good girl names. Boy names are sooo easy for me! For reference I love...


    I know they aren't super unique, but they are uncommon where I live and I have an angel baby Gabriel Joseph, but the name girls I do like do not work for one reason or another, so I'd love some suggestions. Being an 80's Katie with siblings with unique names, I would like something a little off the beaten path. Last name is Noise so that eliminates a lot of names.

    Doesn't work, but in my style...
    Cora (at least 3 people at my new job have Cora's)
    Charlotte with nn Charlie (at LEAST 6 friends have daughters named this)
    Scout (parents dogs name, why did I suggest that again?)
    Bay ( My husband hates this with a fiery passion- WHYYYY?)
    Violet( Violet Noise really sounds like Violent Noise to me which sucks because by all accounts this is my favorite girl name, my dream girl name.)
    Cleo (Miss Cleo?)
    Poppy (husband hates it)
    Lulu (no formal name that I like) (Eloise Noise ---see what I mean? Terrible)

    Names I like, but fear are too different, OR I am not sure if they sound terrible with my last name...

    Violetta Grace
    Chance Beatrice
    Thyri Katerine (pr Theory)
    Freya Charlotte

    Other suggestions? Wdyt?

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    Georgia? Would that work?

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    I think that, what flows good with Noise are feminine, -a ending names. Violetta Noise is nice, Freya Noise is nice... so is Katherine Noise (or Kathleen Noise) and Beatrice Noise...
    maybe something like Carina Noise or Julia Noise? Or Amanda Noise? Bernadette Noise flows nicely... Henriette Noise? Marianne Noise? Idk. It's hard to fit in somebody else's preferences
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    Violetta sounds good. What about Viola?

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    You and I have the exact same taste in names! I love your whole list (with exception of maybe Cora). Seriously, almost all of those are on my list as well as I struggle to find a name for my baby girl #2.

    What about Avery?

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