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    Help please -- down to the wire!

    I'm having my baby in two weeks...a little sister for M@eve K@thryn. I have narrowed the name down to two and really need some help deciding.

    The choices are:

    Lydia Kelly Phi11ips (nn Liddie)
    Seraphina Kelly Phi11ips (nn Fina)

    middle name is set on Kelly (it's my mother's maiden name)

    Please choose and give reasons for your choice if possible! Thank you!

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    I think Seraphina and Maeve are really beautiful and playful together. They're both more unusual choices than Lydia. I've never cared for the sound of Lydia, either. Fina is an adorable nickname.

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    Seraphina would be my choice. It goes well with Maeve and sounds good with your last name.

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    Seraphina and Maeve are adorable together and the nn Fina is really cute too!

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    I personally don't care for Seraphina with Maeve. Sounds like children from 2 different families.

    Lydia and Maeve sounds like they would fit well and Lyddie is adorable with Maeve.

    What about softening the flow by naming her Lydia Kelly-Anne? Congrats! :0
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