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    Little Sister for Juliette and Mattea

    Any day now we will be welcoming Baby #3. While our boys' name is locked in, we can't quite decide on a third girls' name. Big Sisters are Juliette Soleil and Mattea Joy Violet.

    I think we have narrowed it down to Rosalie Wrenn or Grace Tallula. I wonder if Rosalie is too flowery, and don't love Rosie as a nn, but is Grace to plain next to Juliette and Mattea? This is my first time posting; thank you so much for your help, everyone!

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    I think that Rosalie Wren fits perfectly next to your other girls' names, and it has three syllables, so she won't feel left out. You don't have to call her Rosie either, Rosalie is beautiful on its own.

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    I think Rosalie Wrenn would fit in better but I love the name Tallula. Tallula Grace sounds nice as well.
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    I agree that Rosalie Wren fits perfectly with your set!
    You could use nn Sally too.
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    I am not a fan of Rosalie and I don't think it fits with your other girls.

    I vote Tallula Grace!

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