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    Ana Sofia Caroline is my favorite as well
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    Ana Sofia Caroline and Davi Lucca Elisha "Ana Sofia and Davi Lucca"

    This is my favorite sib set by far. The other ones seemed too matchy with the Ls. Some of the other ones just don't seem to fit nicely together. They are all lovely names though. I do prefer calling them both by two names instead of your son by two names and your daughter by one name. Good luck!
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    I am picking Eliana Carina Meredith and Davi Lucca Elisha "Eli and Davi Lucca" because I like Eliana the best as the first name. If it is an option I would change it to Eliana Carina Selene.

    Good luck!

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    I'm Ana Caroline, so I'm biased, but I really like Ana Sofia Caroline!

    Ana Sofia and Davi Lucca would be amazing together =)

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    First Pick: Luna Mariah Selene (love all those names)

    Second: Luciana Vitoria Penelope or Eliana Carina Meredith (both Eliana & Luciana are really beautiful and favorites, I can't choose!)

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