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    Can't decide on a girls name, which is your favorite?

    I'm 26 weeks so still have a whole trimester to wait..
    Hubby and I have decided on the name if its a boy (we are waiting to find out the sex) but are stumped for a girls name. Here is our top 5:


    We want some thing not too popular but not too weird. Unique but classic.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!!

    Brother or sister to Emelia (aka Eme)

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    They are all lovely. With Emelia, my favorite is Juliet
    Lee X

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    Ariella is beautiful, I like Luna too.

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    Ariella and Luna are my favorites and I think they go well with their sister's name.
    I like Juliet as well but it seems a bit "bland" next to Emelia.

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    I think Juliet is closest in style to Emilia and the one I like paired with it best, but I think they're all really good names. I don't think you can go wrong with any of those choices.

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