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    The Mason family.

    A four bedroom, two and a half bathroom house with a small patio out the front. Painted completely white except the front door, which is a cheery yellow. The inside is modest and not completely match-y, but nice, all the same. The backyard has a large, open area for the children to play and an apple tree.

    Jennifer Eliza Mason (38) and Gregory Michael Mason (40) have two children: Charlotte Abigail Mason (14) and Andrew Gregory Mason (8). Grandma Elisabeth Francine Smith (69) lives in the spare bedroom.

    They have two cats (Margot and Elowyn), a dog (David) and two pet rats (Chip and Potato).
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    Family Name - Morrison

    House - 7 bedroom old-exterior house with modern interior, three family bathrooms across the three stories, a shiny silver-white kitchen/diner, family living room, play room, study/library, and quiet room. Many of the windows are large bay style with plush window seats on the inside, the Morrison family have decorated with modern taste but the house retains its warm, cosy feel. Their garden is large with grass that always seem lush green, there is a decked area with patio furniture, and two tool sheds and a summer-house further up the garden. The Morrison children have many toys in the garden including; trampoline, adventure gym (slide, two swings, climbing wall), and seesaw.

    Parents - Maxine Matilda McQueen (7th April 1996) and William Shaw Morrison (19th September 1996)

    Children - Tobias Henry Morrison (12th June 2018)
    Sebastian Drew Morrison (22nd September 2019)
    Rose Eleanor Mary Morrison (8th July 2023)
    Atticus Sydney Morrison (1st August 2024) (Adopted on: 5th January 2029)
    Jeremy Devon Morrison (2nd October 2025) (Adopted on: 5th January 2029)
    Alexandra Vivienne Morrison (25th August 2027)
    Phoenix Herbert Morrison (28th July 2032) (Adopted on: 21st February 2033)

    Pets - Biscuit (female ginger and white moggy, 12yrs old)
    Bruce (male Dachshund-Beagle mix, 8yrs old)
    Beauty (female Husky, 5yrs old)


    Max (36) and Billy (36) with: Tobias (14), Seb (13), Rose (9), Atticus (8), Jem (7), Allie (5), Phoenix (8mo); and Biscuit (12), Brucie (8) and Beauty (5).
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    Family Name- Cluxton

    Parents- Ellen Anne (72) & Roland James (67)
    House- As the oldest house on the street, the house is idyllic, quaint and lovely. It is shingle-fronted and dark green, it has been added onto over the years as Roland's engineering company expanded. In the centre of the house in a large stained glass window, there is also a triplegarage which holds an RV, Ellen's Volkswagen Golf and a 1940s Rolls Royce which is Roland's pride and joy. The gardens are sprawling and filled with nurtured plants and crops thanks to Ellen and the lawns are expertly mowed by Roland.

    Roy Jack (42)
    Roy is not married and is always visiting when he is not a busy actuary in the city.

    Maia Lee & Xin Coralie (7)
    The Cluxtons adopted the twins when their niece and her husband died. Their father was Chinese and Ellen and Roland are sure to remind them of their ancestry.

    Cat- Polly (F)
    Dogs- Archie (M) & Jagger (M)
    Canary- Glory (F)
    Goldfish- Effie (F), Elvis (M) & Echo (M)
    Ducks- Barbie (F) & Ken (M)
    Turtle- Pinocchio (M)

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    Family Name- Blakely
    Parents- Molly Cate & Errol Finnegan
    House- A large double fronted home made with polished sandstone with narrow Italian-inspired windows with a large foyer and homely feel. The garden is small but well maintained with Italian olive tree's lining the path.

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    Dogs- Horatio (M, Corgi)

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