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    Gracie ~ Teen Berry ~ Not Expecting, Just Planning

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    I would stick with either
    Nicolas William Miller
    Nicolas Jason Miller

    Which ever you don't use you can with your second son if you have one. Both are great and my fathers family did this his middle is his mothers maiden and his brothers middle is their fathers middle & his ( their grandmothers) mothers maiden. And my brother shares his uncle & grandfathers middle name. I think its great :-)
    Nicolas Jay Miller
    Nicolas James Miller
    Are also nice and I think just keep an eye on the initials and like I said it seems like you've got some good ones picked

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    Obviously this is not a big deal, because no one else has pointed it out, but Nick Miller is a main character in the show New Girl, which was my first thought. I like Nicholas William Miller.

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    Thank you for all the replies.

    Jason's middle name is Ray. Nicholas Ray?

    Nicholas Henry is super cute but we have a dog called Henry. His registered name is Henry James. No one needs to know that though, we still love Nicholas James.

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