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    Middle name for Nicholas


    I'm not pregnant atm but hope to be very soon. We love the name Nicholas but are stuck for a middle name. His last name will be Miller. If it's any help we like the name Helena Margaret for a girl.

    So far all we've got is:
    Nicholas Jason Miller (Jason after his dad)
    Nicholas William Miller

    I love William and my last name is Williams so it's kind of a family name. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I love James. Does Nicholas James work?

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    My brother is Nicholas John so I've always liked that combo, but I also like Nicholas James and Nicholas Ryan. I think it works well with a shorter middle name cadence wise, but I think if William is significant to you you should just go for it!

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    Yes, I don't think William flows as well as the shorter names.

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    Nicholas is my all time favorite (that was unfortunately off the table for me...but I only have girls anyway). I like Nicholas William much better than Nicholas Jason (is Dads mn an option?).

    My Nicholas favorites:

    Nicholas Robert (if I would've gotten to use it, this was my combo..Robert is my dad)
    Nicholas Evan
    Nicholas Alexander
    Nicholas Ryan
    Nicholas David

    Proud mommy of three beautiful girls:
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