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    Siblings names too matching?


    So, I have a nearly three year old son named Davi Lucca Elisha. His first name is Davi Lucca (Like 'Mary Kate') and his middle name is Elisha. I am now pregnant with a little girl, and someone on this forum introduced me to the name Luna, which I really, really like.

    But, do you think that Davi Lucca and Luna would be too matching for siblings? They won't be twins, but still, since they are so close in age, is it too much?

    Also, if you want too, suggesting some Spanish, Brazilian, Italian baby girls names would be great, considering little baby #2 is still unamed! Thank you so much!!

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    I don't think that Davi Lucca and Luna are too matchy. I love the name Luna!


    Good luck in finding the right name.

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    I think Davi Lucca and Luna sound good together. Yes, they have a similar sound, but that's probably the reason you like them :-). Would you consider a double name for Luna?
    Ana Luna
    Luna Sofia
    Alta Luna
    Luna Cecelia
    Ava Luna
    Luna Sarah
    Maria Luna
    Luna Gloria
    Mommy to
    Travis Nevin
    Angus Loudon "Gus"
    *Dagny Gertrude* *Florence Imogen* *Ada Katherine "Ada Kate"* *Tessa Pearl* *Amity Geneva* *Ursula Bryony*
    *Jethro Daniel "Jed"/"Jet"* *Harvey Blaise* *Jeremy Vincent "Jem"* *Laszlo Ozias "Lo"* *Leif (LAYf) Matthew "Lem"* *Chester William "Chet"*

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    I like Davi Lucca Elisha and Luna Mariana. I do not think they are too similar.

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    I personally do not care for Luna as I can hear futer echos of Loony on the playground etc.. however I love the way Mulme placed the names with middles!

    Luna Sofia does sound exciting ( Some of the following names are in my famly as I am Italian)

    Ava Nicoletta

    Gia Christanzia

    Alessa Avirella

    Gabriella Rosalina (Briella Rose)!

    I trust you will find a wonderful match soon and Congrats!

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