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    Oh man, I shouldn't have read this thread, it just depressed me!

    I am an Emily - almost 26 years old, so I was born right as the name was starting to get "mega popular". I didn't encounter many other Emilys growing up. The only time I disliked my name was in high school when I was one of two Emilys in my class. Mostly because I was a sullen teenager and hated that I was the less popular Emily, haha. I got over it. I love my name. I love when I meet other Emilys. I don't let the fact that I have a "popular" name define me - I'm so much more than a name!

    Just saying, Emily is/was popular for a reason. My name rocks.
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    Growing up, I have known SO many people named Emily! There was always at least one in each of my classes, so I never really got to form my own opinion on the name, it was just always so popular and common.
    But now that I'm out of school (I'm almost 23), and the only Emily I know is my teenage sister in law, I am beginning to like it a little more- though I'm not sure I'll ever love it. Although, my SIL is a sweet girl, so I do finally have a positive association with an Emily

    However, Lucy to me seems VERY bright and spunky, I love the name Lucy! My 11 yr old sister's name is Lucy
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    Yes Emily is popular, but it's still a beautiful name, I think with an unexpected middle Emily would be great.
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    There are so many more names out there that are less popular/plain/boring and just as beautiful. Emilia and Lucy are gorgeous.
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    I love the name Emily. I think its a lovely name and I don't find it plain or boring at all. However, I don't mind popularity of a name like some others do. I had a very popular name growing up especially the year I was born and I did have at least 1 or 2 girls in my class each year with the same name (even one girl who had the same first and middle name as me) but I didn't mind it. I actually befriended the girls each year and our names being the same actually started up conversations between us and I'm very close to a lot of them to this day. Maybe its just me but I don't see anything wrong with giving your child a common name. Yes, there are many other beautiful names that aren't as popular out there but that doesn't mean a parent shouldn't give their child a common name. A name is popular for a reason mostly because a parent loved that name and thought it was beautiful and would love their child to be named it, which is a fine reason. We can't say if a kid would hate having a common name, they might love it like I did or hate it like others have. If they are given a less popular or unique name, they might hate it or end up loving it. It could go either way. We can't really know what they feel about it beforehand. Also, just because you come up with something less popular or unique doesn't mean your child won't have another kid with the same name in the class. I think Emily is a very sweet name. I've never met an Emily, but I would love to one day.
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