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    is Emily too...expected?

    What's the beef with Emily? I've been reading up on it via other name sites/opinions and it seems Emily gets a lot of flack for being too popular, overused, plain etc. Of course I know a handful of Emilys but the name is starting to grow on me. I like the fact that it's well known, ages well, and isn't overly frilly. I have Lucy and Emilia on my list and I think Emily captures the spirit of both. So what's the general Berry opinion? Is Emily too expected and boring? If anything, I feel like Emma is becoming mega popular and Emily would be refreshing to hear again. Thoughts?
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    Emily and Emma are way too popular/common/boring to me.

    Personally, I feel like there are so many other fabulous names. I'm tired of Emma and Emily's reign.
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    I prefer Emilia. A LOT MORE.

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    Emily and Emma, along with Sophia and Olivia, are nice enough names. Perhaps once they had character (there's a reason they got so popular in the first place, right?). Unfortunately, especially for those who are of the generation where they became so popular, or associate with them on a regular basis, the name has become so bland and boring it loses the spark and creativity that makes names special to each of us. It's a shame: I actually used to really like Emma due to the literary cred, mostly, but it's heard so often and I know so many, I've just lost my taste for it. Emily's not a bad name, but it is, unfortunately, rather boring and expected, and has the possibility to become dated in a couple years (think Jessica and Jennifer).
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    I know plenty of Emilys and I still love the name. It is soft and sweet and as you said ages well. It also suits a variety of women/girls so there's less fear of it not "fitting." Yes, it's very popular, but I think some of the "hate" for popular names is a little misplaced. I had a very popular name growing up and I never hated it.
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