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  • Charlotte

    57 48.72%
  • Ella

    60 51.28%
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    I think Jack and Ella sound perfect together! I love Charlotte as well. I think both have staying power.

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    Thanks. Lots of good points to consider!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I adore both Ella and Charlotte! I think either works perfectly with Jack. I like the look of "Jack and Charlotte" together a bit more, but I like the personality and feel of Jack and Ella together more. Much as I LOVE Grace, I've never been able to get behind Grace as a middle for Charlotte (and I've tried! Charlotte's on my short list, and Grace is a big family name, so I'd love to love Charlotte Grace!), so I think Ella Grace would edge it out for me, maybe, for that reason. But I like Charlotte more than Ella, most days, so maybe I'd go with that. I don't know. Ergh, they're both so great! I think Charlotte would get my official vote.

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    While individually, I prefer Ella, I think Charlotte fits better with Jack. :-) It's a shame you can't combine the two and go for Charlotte Ella :P

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    I honestly think you can not go wrong with either name! But I will go for Charlotte today!
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