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    Sister for Jack? Down to 2 Names...

    Hello, expecting a girl in August and have been debating between two names, Charlotte and Ella. MN will be Grace. I know this is considered a "filler" but I love it. Last name is similar to DuBourg.

    I have a DS named Jack and am looking for a feminine, classic pretty name that goes with it. Which do you think is a better fit stylistically? Which do you like better?

    Some things I keep tossing around are that perhaps Ella is a bit done and on its way out, although I love it. I love Charlotte too and am starting to see it everywhere. Popularity doesn't matter to me too much but I don't want to be on the tail end of an "out" name. Thoughts?

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    I think Charlotte has more staying power in terms of popularity, but I like Ella more. I think both are classics.

    I like the way Jack and Ella sound together, and I like how soft and pretty Ella is. I also like that both names have 4 letters. I think Ella is more feminine than Charlotte because of its softer sounds. Another plus is that Ella doesn't have the word "harlot" in it.

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    I like both but voted for Ella because I like the way Ella Grace sounds.

    Either is a winner!

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    Bumping for the morning crowd

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    Ella is perfect with Jack!

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