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    Names that look/sound weird?

    Have you ever had a name or word that you've heard regularly suddenly start to look/sound completely alien? I was just reading something and came across Matthew.
    I don't know if I've just never really looked at it properly, but it seems wrong! I've heard it a million times, I have a cousin with the name, but it just looks so strange to me right now!
    Matthew. Matthew.
    Maybe it's the TTH? I don't know. It'll probably look fine in an hour, but I actually had to go and check that that's how it is typically spelled, because it looked so wrong to me!

    Has this ever happened to you with a name?

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    I don't like calling names "weird", but Ferelith is, while beautiful, really hard to say out loud.

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    I love the names Tobiah and Tobias, but sometimes I can't help hearing "To buy a..." or "To buy us..."

    Similarly with Isadore, sometimes all I hear is "Is a door".
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    That happens to me constantly!! The one it used to occur to a lot was Thomas, but lately Chloe has been another. I think for me it's that silent H.

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    I did this about 3 months ago with the name Scott. I was just driving to work, thinking about my optometrist, and was like "Gosh, Scott... what a weird name. Skot. Skawt. Scotttttttt."
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