View Poll Results: Would you read a name book comprised of only extremely unusual names?

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    43 95.56%
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    2 4.44%
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    Definitely! I love name books, there's always a few hidden gems in there. This would be especially true of a book full of unusual names.

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    I would read a book with extremely unusual names just as long as I can pronounce them in my head or at least have some idea, that being said I've read a song of Fire and Ice and even with the difficulty I had with a few names I still managed to read all the books released so far, I haven't seen the TV series so I still don't know how to say a few of them.

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    frankie, I love your style, so yes I would read your book or at least like a full copy of your list! ( :

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    Thanks for the votes and replies, everyone. I'll take this as a go-ahead to start writing!
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    names and stories and such

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    Definitely! I live for the discovering of extremely unusual names.
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    back to square one with names...

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