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    Djuna (JU-na) is an option, but if you love Juno, you should use it. It's nice to talk to your friend first, but either way, it's your call. Who's to say she'll even have a female child?

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    I think you've gotten a lot of good advice up to this point. On the one hand, as a Jennifer, the idea of "dibs" on a name just makes me laugh. I mean, that's how you end up with popular names - a lot of people like the same name. On the other hand, it sounds like you and your friend are close enough and have talked in detail about this - that you know she (a) has a list and (b) the second name on it. So in deference to that friendship, you're best bet is probably to bring it up...hope it goes well if you do!!!

    Also, you could consider "Juniper" and then nickname her Juno.

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    I think you can call dibs on a name, BUT depends on the situation and names aren't for keeps.
    I would tell her that if you and your partner get pregnant you have decided to use Juno b/c it has emotional meaning, not just a favorite on a list. You have an emotional, family attachment, it's just #2 on her list.
    If it was a name that represented her family or something, it may be different but it doesn't sound like it.
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    I agree with a lot of the advice here. I understand when you have a close friend, you don't want to step on their toes or "steal" a name, but Juno is not just a name you like (as someone else mentioned), it has special meaning to you. On top of that, I believe you said she's not really planning on having kids anytime soon. AND it's second on her list. I had a ton of favorite names that I was sure I would use but when my husband and I were actually deliberating on a name, I quickly realized that he was not for most of those names. So, does she even have a significant other? Would that significant other even be willing to use Juno? On top of that, who knows how many children or what gender she will end up having? She may not even get the opportunity to use Juno anyway with it being her second favorite girl name, and that's again, assuming her significant other is game with using any of her current favorites.

    To me, I think it's silly when you really stop and think about it rationally. Again, I totally understand your concern and you're a great friend for that. But, you're the one who is actually pregnant. Don't throw out a name on the mere chance that your friend could possibly, at some point, want to consider Juno for herself. I think talking to her, as others have already said, is the best way to address the situation just to show her that her feelings were thought of and considered. That's honestly probably all she'll need to give you her blessing.
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    I don't think you can really call dibs on a name since no one owns it but I would talk to her first and see what she says. Juno is a cute name and if it has such a special meaning for you then you should use it. She might change her mind about wanting her daughter being named Juno or she might not even have a daughter in the future but if she does have a daughter and she still wants to use it for her daughter as a first name she should be able to even if you have used it. There's nothing wrong with you both using the same name.
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