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    Do you think one-syllable names are "filler" names?

    My husband and I are in the midst of choosing a name for our first (a girl, due this Fall) and are discussing the options. Mostly I throw out suggestions and he gives an opinion, which is fine by me. I am a self proclaimed name nerd and things like popularity ranking, meaning and syllabic agreement are important to me. Our last name is fairly common (starts with H and ends in -son) and is 2 syllables. Many of the girls names I am gravitating toward are 3 syllables (Matilda, Imogen, Fiona, Tallulah, Harmony, etc) and I like the idea of a 1 syllable middle name so that the cadence is 3-1-2. But sometimes I feel like 1 syllable names sound like fillers - like you just need a little space holder between first and the last.

    So my questions is, does anyone else feel this same way or do you like 1 syllable middles? Does syllabic agreement matter at all to you or are you mostly concered with the names themselves and how much you like them?

    Thanks for your input!

    ***Bonus question: My top 2 first names are Matilda and Imogen. Any middle name suggestions for these? One syllable or otherwise??? ***
    Mama to Matilda May, expecting Baby #2 this summer

    Current favorites:
    Margaret, Imogen, Tallulah, Tessa, Felicity, Cecily, January
    Asa, Kieran, Cormac, Arlo, Wilder, Kellen, Flynn, Milo, Leland

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    I love one syllable middle names! But, I guess it depends on the the syllable of the first and last name.

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    Often, with a middle name of Ann, I do agree with you.

    However, I also love one syllable names such as Cruz, or Tess, that are unique.

    I don't think it's the syllable counts that matters, but popularity.

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    oliveshoot Guest
    Honestly, I sort of feel like that about any middle name that doesn't have some sort of significance. I'm big on honoring loved ones or family members with the middle name. Or at least using a middle name that has a significant meaning to you. That said, I don't think it's "wrong" to use a "filler" middle name, if it sounds nice with your names! Who knows - maybe that middle name will become a new family name for her children. I do agree that Ann, Lynn, and Marie have become "filler" middle names and I usually don't care for them.

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    OH, and I love Matilda! June, Jane, and Claire are my three favorite middle names. I think any of these sound great with Matilda.

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