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    Quote Originally Posted by katerinam View Post
    I don't think it's the syllable counts that matters, but popularity.
    I concur! It really depends.

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    Like others have said, it depends on the name, Mae, Grace, Rose, Ann, Lynn, possibly even Jane and Dawn(but not as much) yes, I see them as filler names. Lesser used, or more out-there one syllable names, such as Truth, True, Jade, June, Jewel, Wren, Lark,Faith, Faye, Joy, Elle, or Rue, not at all.
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    It definitely depends. I agree that names like Ann, Rose and Jean seem like fillers in the middle to me, but if they have personal meaning, or you really love it then no, it is not a filler. Some of my favourites (like Fern, Fleur, Snow, Faye, Frost, Dune, Noon, Sen, Maude, Bear, Bram, Bee, Lou and Dove) definitely don't feel like fillers, at least to me, and a lot of them have personal significance. I agree that you should worry more about your actual love of the names and their meaning to you rather than how it rolls off the tongue when you say them all together (because, honestly, how often are you going to do that?).

    I like Harmony, by the way! I think it sounds so joyous, yet peaceful and, well... harmonious. Matilda and Imogen are lovely too... How about:

    Matilda Lou
    Matilda Fern
    Matilda Snow / Poe
    Matilda Pearl
    Matilda Bee
    Matilda Dune / Noon
    Matilda Bay / Day
    Matilda Lilac
    Matilda Viola / Violet
    Matilda Maude / Maeve
    Matilda Alice / Elise / Eloise / Louise
    Matilda Belle
    Matilda Bo (or Beau)
    Matilda Aura
    Matilda Olive
    Matilda Celeste
    Matilda Clover / Clea (CLAY-uh)
    Matilda Corinne
    Matilda Imogen
    Matilda Dane
    Matilda Iris / Ivy
    Matilda Fae (or Fay / Faye)
    Matilda Florence

    Imogen Alice / Elise / Louise / Eloise
    Imogen Belle
    Imogen Bo (or Beau)
    Imogen Olive
    Imogen Eleanor
    Imogen Pearl
    Imogen Fern
    Imogen Iris / Ivy
    Imogen Frances / Frankie / France
    Imogen Opal
    Imogen Dane
    Imogen Fleur
    Imogen Doe / Poe / Snow
    Imogen Edith / Eden / Edie
    Imogen Fay
    Imogen Faith
    Imogen Florence
    Imogen Hazel
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    Honestly, I'm not sure my answer is really going to be what you're looking for. Yeah, Mae, Grace, Rose, Jane, Jean, Ann, etc., they come across as filler. Even more so when they come with stories like, "Oh, Julia Lynn just sounded good" or "Oh, we couldn't think of anything Lena Mae". I was saddled with one of these filler names (Marie) and a similar filler mn story "Oh, we couldn't think of anything besides Ashley Marie" (despite the fact that the other two combos they had picked out--Jennifer Eileen and Alexandra Danae--didn't have filler middles at all!), and I've been determined not to give my child such a meaningless name. But Grace is still one of the middles for my top choice for a girl (Isabelle Aurora Grace), but I don't see it as filler at all, because it's for my grandmother (who also has the MN Grace). Honestly, the idea of just picking a one-syllable middle just for optimal flow doesn't seem to put much thought into it--I don't think Fiona Eve Holden sounds much better than Fiona Camille Holden--and I'd much rather my parents picked something that meant something to them than that they were worried about my name "sounding good".

    I think Liv, Pearl, Tess, Eve, Fleur (particularly Eve and Pearl!) run the risk of sounding more filler just because they're being used as next-generation filler names. Not with the intent to sound filler, but with the intent of using a name with similar flow that's much more interesting. Jane and Claire and Rue/Ruth are becoming filler for that reason, and I see Pearl, Eve, and Fleur especially following in their footsteps. Noelle and Charlotte are following much in the footsteps of Marie and Elizabeth, too. There are varying degrees of filler-ness, but I think that fillerness comes with the intent behind the choice--not whether Grace or Rose is seen as filler, but how much Grace or Rose really means to you. If I LOVED Lynn, and it was a family name, I'd easily use it, much like I'd easily use Grace.

    You could easily solve your dilemma by adding a second middle. Something like Fiona Charlotte Eve Holden sounds pretty great to me, and could hardly be seen as filler.

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    I think certain one syllable names can actually hold a certain gravitas. Lux, Faye (or any variations of Faye), Rose and Tess are all one syllable but they've always captured my attention in a good way.
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