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    Name For Main Character's Mother

    I need a name for my main character's mother! She has a daughter named Arabella, last name is two syllables and starts with "S." I need a name that is pretty and feminine. Story is set in the very near future, perhaps in the 2020's. She is an author.

    Delilah, Camilla, Valentina, Estelle

    Ronan, Arthur, Bram, Leo

    Guilty Pleasures: Marigold, Emrys, Eloise, Bellamy, Eden, Augustine, Selene, Magnus, Rosalind, Francis

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    Adabelle- Joyous and beautiful
    Alyssa- Princess
    Amara- Eternal or unfading beauty
    Charisse- Grace, beauty, kindness
    Emma- Healer of the Universe
    Femi- Love me
    Gadar- Perfection
    Habika- Sweetheart
    Karita- Loving and Benevolent
    Menaka- Celestial damsel
    Mohana- Bewitching. the enchantress
    Noya- Beautiful, Ornamented
    Ourania- Heavenly
    Pallas- Knowledge and wisdom
    Prama- Knowing truth
    Qadira- Powerful
    Raeka- Beautiful, Unique

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