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    Need middle name help!

    After going back and forth between a lot of different names my husband and I have narrowed our list down to 3 girl names: Elaina, Aria, & Emilia

    Elaina has become our front runner by far, we love it and it honors my Grandmother, Elaine. We are a little worried about the increasing popularity of Aria. We are also worried that Emilia will get lost in a sea of Amelia's and people will see it as the same name as Amelia.

    We have been trying to think of middle names to pair with out top 3 names but we are having a very hard time. Our last name is 3 syllables so we would like a middle that is 1 or 2 syllables. I would love to use a nature name or flower name for the middle but haven't really found anything that my husband and I both like. I also think something short, sweet & classic like Mae would work well in the middle.

    Here is the short list of middles we have come up with:
    -Madeleine (breaks the 1-2 syllable rule but it would honor my husbands grandmother)
    -Nora ( too many "A's")?

    Can you please help us brainstorm some more ideas??? Thank you!!!

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    Emilia Wren
    Emilia Fleur
    Emilia Posy / Posey
    Emilia Violet
    Emilia Iris
    Emilia Primrose
    Emilia Poppy
    Emilia Calla
    Emilia Orchid
    Emilia Daisy
    Emilia Margaret
    Emilia Aven
    Emilia Bluebell
    Emilia Bryony
    Emilia Caltha
    Emilia Clover
    Emilia Delphine
    Emilia Flora
    Emilia Anise
    Emilia Robin
    Emilia Aster
    Emilia Aurora
    Emilia Autumn
    Emilia Birdie
    Emilia Coral
    Emilia Emerald
    Emilia Fawn
    Emilia Hazel
    Emilia Jade
    Emilia Maple
    Emilia Ruby
    Emilia Rue
    Emilia Willow

    I think most of these work quite well with Elaina, too even though I do prefer Emilia.
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    I love the suggestion of Rue. This would work well with Elaina...

    Elaina Rue
    Elaina Bird
    Elaina Brooke
    Elaina Faith
    Elaina Faye
    Elaina Ivy
    Elaina Jade
    Elaina Jasmine
    Elaina Holly
    Elaina Laurel*
    Elaina Lilou
    Elaina Lou
    Elaina Lux
    Elaina Magnolia* (this may be too long but I love it with Elaina)
    Elaina Primrose
    Elaina Rae
    Elaina Rose*

    * = favorites
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    Thank you for the suggestions so far!

    I like Elaina Violet and Elaina Iris but my husband does not. We both like how Elaina Rue sounds a lot but we aren't fond of the meaning. I really like Laurel, Rose and Ruby, I'm going to add them to our list!

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    I also like Rae but my husband has already vetoed that one.

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