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    What names did you choose for your children?

    Hello fellow berries,

    I'm curious to know what names you've all chosen for your children. If you don't have children yet, feel free to comment with the names you plan on using or if you are pregnant the names you have on your list.

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    I am not pregnant yet, but my Number 1 boys name is
    Joseph Richard Louis. Joseph is my great Grandfather, Richard is my father and Louis is his fathers middle name (he already has a son named Robert after his father)

    Girls is
    Abigail Jewel: Jewel is my Nana's name and Abigail is a name we both love
    Favorite boys names:
    Timothy, Joshua, Joseph, Henry, Walter, Nathaniel
    Fav Girls names
    Juliet Eleanor, Abigail Jewel, Julia Katherine, Dorothy Mae
    Guilty pleasure: Wren, Emerald, Simon, Opal, Sky, Levi, Giada

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    I don't have any children yet.
    If I had one today (or in the future), I'd definitely use Aria Kristina (Tea is optional).
    Aria because I love this name, and Kristina is my beloved grandmother's name. I don't know about using Christina spelling tho.
    Second daughter would for sure be Frances Cecilia (Mae is optional) - Frances would honor my great-great-grandmother, who I consider as my oldest ancestor looking back at my family tree; Cecilia would honor my favourite author and favourite books, my grandma and my mom at the same time, so its a win name to me.
    If I had a son today, I'd name him Louis (Frederick Milton - mn's). Louis with a French accent. I just love this name so much.
    If I had a second son or a twins, I'd name him Noel. Not totally sure about middle names tho, I could use Logan, John, Edward, Edgar, Gordon etc.
    I am looking forward to read other berries real baby name choices, and thanks for interesting thread!
    Marta Alexandra. 25.

    ♀ Aria * Cecilia * Francesca * Kristina * Mae * Maris * Saga * Valentina *
    * Bernadette * Elinor * Leah * Louisa * Marguerite * Nina * Odette * Rose * Soledad * Solstice * Valerie *

    ♂ Antoine * Bernard * Edgar * Frederick * Louis * Noel *
    * Adam * Alistair * Desmond * Maximilian *

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    My little guy was born on New Year's Eve. Konrad Wolfgang (Konrad to appease hubby's desire for a "K" name like his own, and Wolfgang is DH's middle name)

    If he had been a girl he would have been Wilhelmina Marie nn Minnie (Marie being my and my mother's middle name) We will probably use this if we have a girl in the future.
    Mommy to Konrad Wolfgang '13 and Louisa Marie '16
    Hildy - Zelda - Mabel - Frida - Greta - Rosemary - Veronika - Edelweiss
    Frederick "Fritz" - Hugo - Alaric - Kai - Cormac - Arlo - Rex - Oskar - Abel

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    I'm due next month, and we have the names ready. We decided to take 2 name combos with us to the hospital for each gender.
    These are:
    Lea Evelyn (#1) and Alice Guinevere (#2) for girls
    Jared Immanuel (#1) and felix Gideon (#2) for boys
    Jared Immanuel & [a little one due in april]

    Alice Guinevere or Thomas Indigo

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