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    Emmeline: How do YOU pronounce??

    I love this name as a possibility for a baby girl but am concerned that no one will know exactly how to pronounce it - after all, I am not sure, myself! Do you guys pronounce it: Emme-LEEN, Emme-LYNN, or Emme-LINE ??

    My first instinct when reading it in a book recently was Emme-LEEN, but I did later run into someone with the name who was Emme-LINE and had one of those Why-didn't-I-think-of-that moments.

    Would love any input, thanks!

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    I say it like Emma + line (like, a straight line between two points)

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    I prefer the emma line pronunciation. I am personally not fond of the leen pronunciation, same is true for Madeline, Caroline, Adeline, etc.

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    I pronounce it Emma-Leen. Such a cute name
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    Emma-leen sounds nicer

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