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    Name ideas for a baby girl

    Our final list for our baby girl's name includes Violette, Violet, and Chelsea (or maybe Chelsa).

    I'll be 39 next month so this may be our only child. So although I don't love double middle names, I feel compelled to use two middle names to honor my mom and husband.

    My husband's name is James - Jamie.

    My mom's name is Cheryl Ann.

    We have a Hispanic last name that starts with M.

    I am thinking Violette Jamie Ann M.

    If we go with Chelsea, I am thinking middle name C (yes just the letter) which will honor both of our mothers.

    I know the flows not great. Again, I just feel compelled to try and cover a lot of bases with this name.

    I hate Jamie as a first name and including it as a middle is really the only way I've gotten my husband to consider other first names. I just feel like Jamie doesn't suit an adult.

    Please help. Baby girl was due yesterday. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    My name is Jaymie (obviously spelt different & I think nicer for a girl)... different spelling idea anyway.
    I personally am not a fan of a Jamie as a first name for a girl either, even though it is my name (lol). But as a middle name Jaymie Ann is quite nice.

    Other ideas could be:
    Violette Jaelyn Ann M.
    Violette Jayden Ann M.

    Would represent your husband but more feminine.

    I like Chelsea spelt like this. I wouldn't put just a letter as a middle name, but that's just me.
    Not expecting...yet! Just love names!
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    I love Violette! I once met the most spunky, smart Italian woman at a nursing home named Violetta! I adore Violetta, Violette and Violet. You can't go wrong with any of those.

    The middle name (or names) gets tougher.

    Honestly, Jamie is not my style. It makes me think of little girl I knew in the mid-1980s whose name was Jamie, but her nickname was Rambo. ;-) She was quite the tomboy.

    I think Violet James is lovely. Honestly, I would just use James. It works well with a very feminine first name! I actually have a friend with a little girl named Stella James, and she is ADORABLE!

    Also: James and Jamie sound a lot like Jane or Janie (Janie is one of my favorites!)

    Here are some possible combinations for you:
    Violette Anna James M.
    Violette James Ann M.
    Violette Janie Ann M.
    Violette Jane Ann M.
    Violette James Anna M.

    These combinations would also work with Violet or Violetta.

    My favorite combination is Violette Anna James.

    I am sorry, but I have only negative associations with Chelsea or Chelsa. To me, it is a bit of a wallflower name that is past its prime.

    Go with your gut -- if you and your husband love it, that is all that matters.

    Please be sure to post in Nameberry's birth announcements once your little girl arrives! Good luck, mama! (I am also a slightly "older" woman TTC. Your post gives me hope.)

    Early congratulations!

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    Also, I would avoid "Chelsea C" no matter what.

    When said aloud, it sounds like Chell-see-see.

    Enjoy every precious moment with your baby girl! Congrats again!

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    Violet Jamie Ann is lovely

    What about first name Charlotte to honour your mother Cheryl and/or Jane to honour your partner? They're a bit of a stretch but would still work IMO.
    Charlotte Jamie?
    Violet Jane?

    Early congratulations btw
    Tasha. 21. Brit. Name Geek.

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