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  • Elizabeth Birgitta

    35 77.78%
  • Harriet Birgitta

    12 26.67%
  • Hermine Birgitta

    2 4.44%
  • Richard Edwin

    7 15.56%
  • Frederick Edwin

    25 55.56%
  • Clemens Edwin

    11 24.44%
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    Question 6 weeks pregnant - WDYT of my choices?

    It's been 5 days since the first positive pregnancy test and every day that line is getting stronger. I am getting to the point where I am allowing myself to really believe this is happening. Yay!! So, today my husband and I have been talking names a bit and I would like to hear your opinion on our choices. You should also know that my husband is English and I am German. We have an English last name (2 syllables starting with B ending on ck) and live in Germany.

    His top names are Elizabeth and Richard. I like both but find them a bit to common. Also Richard doesn't come with any good nickname options IMO.

    My current crushes are Hermine (hair-MEE-nuh) and Clemens (CLAY-mance). Both are old-fashioned German names. Clemens is my late grandfather's name (whom I loved very much) and Hermine invokes two great hero(in)es: Hermione Granger and Hermann (Arminius) of the Cherusci a Germanic tribal leader who defeated the invading Roman armies in the famous battle of Teutoburg forest close to where I grew up.

    The names we have previously agreed on are Harriet and Frederick. I like both very much - particularly the nicknames Hattie and Fred, but they have less meaning for me than my current favourites.

    The middle names are pretty much fixed. For a boy it would be Edwin after my husband's grandfather and for a girl it would be Birgitta after my mother.

    So what do you think of these options?
    > Which do you like best?
    > Do you have any other suggestions?
    > Do you think the first name should be of the same language as the last name?
    > Or do you think it's better for a mixed nationality child to have names from both languages?
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    I have to say Elizabeth would be my choice for a girl, but although I'm not a fan of Harriet I LOVE Hattie!
    As for the boy name, I think I would chose Frederick Edwin.
    Not expecting...yet! Just love names!
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    I voted for Elizabeth and Clemens. Elizabeth is one of the most versatile girl's names out there, and I just love the sound of Elizabeth Birgitta. Harriet just doesn't appeal to me at all. Hermine is very clunky, and not quite on the cool side of clunky, so this is strictly middle name material imo. Not to mention Hermine will usually get "her-mine" from English speakers. I'm not sure Hermione Granger could help Hermine.

    As for the boys, I voted for Clemens. I love the name. I don't like Frederick Edwin because of the Fred/Ed thing, and Richard Edwin sounds like an old man. There's nothing edgy or cool about it like some of the popular "old people names;" it just sounds old.

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    I voted for Harriet and Clemens.

    I agree with you on Richard having no good nickname options--better as a middle name. Frederick and Edwin I view as two Ed names, so that's a no-go for me. Clemens is handsome and romantic and has the family connection.

    For girls, all 3 are nice. Elizabeth is classic, and though popular, has tons of nicknames options which gives it potential to be a bit less common. Hermine is pretty the way you say it, but I see it being butchered a lot. I though Harriet sounds nice with Birgitta and also has good nicknames options, so that's my vote!
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    Elizabeth Birgitta and Clemens Edwin.

    I think Clemens sounds better with Edwin than Frederick does (you have two "ed" names in one combination that way). I also think Clemens is just a really cool name.

    As for the girls, I think it could be husband's pick, since the middle name honors your family (and it was reversed on the boy choice). Elizabeth Birgitta sounds lovely, and I kind of like the heavy, repetitive "b" sounds with a "B" surname.

    My second choice for girls would be Harriet Birgitta. It sounds wonderful, too, and you've already agreed on it. For boys, I guess Frederick would be my second pick. I really don't care for Richard at all (like you said, the nicknames aren't that great, and it's the kind of name people like to shorten for whatever reason).

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